Make Sure to Checkout NBA 2K18 The Prelude Before the full Game Release

Players that are still undecided about purchasing NBA 2K18 have The Prelude to help them make up their minds. The Prelude is a game mode available for free starting September 8th, one week before the game is available to those who made a pre-order. This is basically a demo. Players that start The Prelude will be able to create a character and experience the first few moments of My Career and The Neighborhood. This is a newly introduced way to play the game. The Neighborhood shows another side of the basketball life. Players will see that not only what happens on the court has an impact on a player’s career. Interaction with other characters and matches played on the street rather than in an arena, will also define a character’s style.

The MyNBA 2K18 companion app is already available for download from the Google Play and App Store. This app allows players to create their one of kind MyPlayer thanks to the facial scanning feature. Players will use the app to scan their face and then create their own character with their physiognomy. Anyone can do this as the app comes as a free product. There are many other cool things about the app so players should get it no matter if they wish to use the face scan function or not.

The Prelude is available for free to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. This mode is not available on PC and Nintendo Switch. Players can download The Prelude no matter if they have pre-ordered NBA 2K18 or not, but when you pre-order NBA 2K18 MT, you could get them when the game is released only. This is a demo and it’s available to any PS4 or XB1 user. A chance to try before buying is always nice but players shouldn’t expect too much content from this demo. To get The Prelude, players just need to visit the PlayStation Store or the Microsoft Store. The download is 12.4 GB on PlayStation 4 and 11.7 GB on Xbox One. Should players decide to purchase the game, they can resume their Prelude progress after the game is released.